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Realty Central Education Center is an extension of Stowers Realty Group, a real estate firm in
St Louis, Missouri. Birthed from the passion of owner/broker, Janelle Stowers, Realty Central
Education Center packages together Janelle’s passion for both real estate and education. In line
with her mission of increasing homeownership, Janelle also wanted to have an impact on the
community through helping people create careers.

Unlike few other industries, real estate is a career in which one can “sink or swim” fast. But, in
the upwind, real estate can be and has been a rewarding career for people all over the globe.
With all the different areas of real estate like residential, commercial, rental, development, and
other areas, one’s career could be lifelong, fulfilling, and lead to financial freedom for many.

The number one goal of Realty Central Education Center is to propel people on the path to a
successful, lucrative career in real estate. Our job is to prepare individuals for licensure and to
ensure they have the tools to succeed in their chosen careers. With over 15 years in the ever
changing real estate industry, our team of professionals bring firsthand experience, expertise,
and insight into our in-person and virtual classrooms.

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